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Stephanie Lee, Client

Project Price: $10,000- $49,999

Verlissa helped make our vision come to fruition in finishing an area in our basement into a little kitchenette (wet bar/popcorn bar). We are so happy! We helped tell her the things we wanted (fridge/freezer, microwave) as well as other little goals and she was able to transfer all of that into the design. She even presented several beneficial suggestions, which I loved in regards to the under cabinet lighting, placement of appliances, and the types of one-touch motorized and slow closing cabinets. She was able to fully maximize the space we have and everything looks great! Thanks so much Verlissa!!

Marie S., Client

Project Price: $50,000- $100,000

Verlissa had redone our entire first floor of our Town Home, it came out just beautiful, I recommend Kitchen and Bath Authority, she has a talent for picking out the right pieces.  All new kitchen.  We love it!

William & Janey Sipper, Client

Project Price: $50,000- $100,000

Wanting to stay local, having read some online reviews, we decided to visit Kitchen and Bath Authority in Wheaton to begin our kitchen remodel.  We could not have chosen a better company to work with.  From the time we entered the store, the friendly and informative staff welcomed us.  Each successive appointment added a piece to our remodel.  Our designer, Verlissa, having visited our home, listened to what we would "LIKE" to have incorporated into our design, listened to our concerns, and went to work to design our beautiful kitchen.  Suggesting ideas, but never forcing her opinions, we developed a "give and take" method of choosing each element of the design.  Some suggestions were things we didn't even think of, some added to the beauty of the overall picture.  The finished product is spectacular, and some who see it, say it is "jaw-dropping".  Can't get higher praise than that!  Most importantly, we love it! 


The crews who did the demolition and remodel were friendly, efficient, helpful, and did beautiful work, paying close attention to detail in every aspect, from cabinetry to lighting, to painting, to staining, to electrical outlet placement, to cleanup, and more.  They let us know when they would be coming to work and when they would need to skip a day or two which helped us to fit in appointments and errands.


In summary, I would recommend Kitchen and Bath Authority for any remodel.  This was our first experience with hiring someone to do a large remodel, and it was a wonderful experience.

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